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Lawyer Manar Maki's tweets in  English about the detainee Adnan AlMansi 


Adnan AlMansi was arrested during the end of May, 2012 from Department of Immigration & Passports and was taken to the Criminal investigation building.


Adnan was tortured in every single way possible, whether is was physical torture or psychological. A complaint was made about the torture & investigated about.


Adnan was forced to stand in the sun for hours & was not allowed to use the restroom & was not given any water to drink.


Adnan was then taken to the investigation room where the torture started, & that wasn't enough for the torturers. 


Adnan got raped which caused him severe bleeding since May until this day, & was prevented from getting any treatment.


Adnan was beaten severely in many brutal ways which caused him injuries in his brain cells, paralyzed & a permanent headache.


We sent many requests demanding his release & to provide him treatment, & also a detailed report about his Heath, but were all rejected. Adnan then fell unconscious in his prison cell in Dry Dock prison. 


After Adnan's Heath deteriorated further, he was taken for regular sessions of treatment in Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC). But all of a sudden & without any reason, Adnan was prevented from getting treatment based on the diagnosis of the doctor who works at the MOI hospital (AlQal'a) 


Doctor at AlQal'a took Adnan to investigate with him & others too as if he's in charge of their case. We gave the Public Prosecution a speech telling them this information, but it was of no use.


During this time, Adnan was bleeding more from the (area) he was raped. He doesn't even have the ability to sit. He was taken to SMC & given a treatment date that was at the end of the year. 


Adnan will most likely get a tumor, both in the (area) he was raped or his brain cells, if he does not get immediate medical treatment. 


Adnan's psychological state is very bad. He has a bad temper & suffers from depression. We sent a request to take him to a psychiatrist, but it was of no use.


Adnan needs immediate medical care & he needs your support. Pray for him. 


Every Bahraini citizen has the right to get treatment whether he is free or in prison. That's within the Constitution of Bahrain & known internationally. 


Adnan is innocent until he's proven guilty. He is innocent of all the charges against him. He should get immediate treatment. 


Confessions attributed to Adnan were extracted from him under torture. Save Adnan's health. 


[Source:  http://is.gd/XRySwI ]