Baghdad Is Becoming a Victim of Prostitution Publically
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Baghdad Is Becoming a Victim of Prostitution Publically
Iraq is under the clutches of various social, political, religious, sectarian and financial issues. The decades of wars have ruined the Iraqi economy and destroyed infrastructure which resulted many social evils and criminal offenses. A French-24 website has reported on the 15th of June 2013 that apart from many other criminal activities in Iraq, Baghdad is becoming a victim of prostitution. The involved characters are doing their sex activities without any fear of accountability of detention. - Shafaq News reports on behalf of the French website that these sex activities are freely being practiced in the streets of Baghdad. A female prostitute has been consulted who shared some bitter realities.

A 35 years old Kamela, a prostitute tells that she has no fear og being arrested as government officials are also well aware of all these sex activities. According to her, security officials rather give protection to them. We have no other means of earning, so we are being exploited in that manner, she added. As well as their dressing is concerned, prostitutes don`t wear attractive clothes rather they wear black Khaleji Abaya and cover their heads with black cover as well. Prostitutes haggle the men passing around and deal with them as per their will and price.

The Iraq Ministry of planning is claiming of 185 reductions in the ratio of poverty. On the other hand, a group of civil society organizations disclosed that government officials reported an increase of 25% in the poverty which means that one quarter of the population is living below the poverty line.

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