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Segmentation - Yes, buyers leave breadcrumbs behind them, in the form of data, with every online click or in-store interaction. But mountains of data don't solve a core problem: How do you ...


Key excerpt...


To increase campaign relevancy and effectiveness, you need to discover the direct and indirect relationships among traditional and digital touchpoints. By analyzing those relationships, marketers can target the most valuable customers for specific products or categories in terms of best potential for purchase, lifetime value, retention, or highest viral factor.


Here are the three key steps...

1. Segment and analyze

Capture real-time, granular website data on response, engagement, and conversion rates from each social and paid campaign. Segment and analyze those data points in real time to identify leading indicators of success. Rapidly assess campaign effectiveness and optimize ad messages, content marketing, or social media tactics on the fly.

2. Contextualize and enrich

Contextualize and enrich real-time data with sales, revenue, and CRM actuals, as well as reference data sources to validate and improve the accuracy of the optimization models. Discover additional relationships that complete buyer segment profiles to improve targeting.

3. Predict and prescribe

Combine real-time and historical data to create an enhanced foundation for running predictive models that reveal the likelihood of future outcomes. And remember, you don't just forecast what might happen. You want the power to create the future you want. That requires access to highly granular data identifying what campaigns and promotions lead to purchases of specific products by buyer segments in a given season.

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