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Oldest vertebrate: 200-Year-Old Fish (Sebastes borealis) Caught Off Alaska

Oldest vertebrate: 200-Year-Old Fish (Sebastes borealis) Caught Off Alaska | B2B trading in Alaska | Scoop.it

In 1813, President James Madison occupied the White House, Americans occupied Fort George in Canada (a result of the War of 1812) and a rockfish was born somewhere in the North Pacific. Two hundred years later, that same rockfish was caught off the coast of Alaska by Seattle resident Henry Liebman — possibly setting a record for the oldest rockfish ever landed.


Troy Tydingco of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game told the Daily Sitka Sentinel that the longevity record for the shortraker rockfish (Sebastes borealis) is 175 years, but that fish "was quite a bit smaller than the one Henry caught."


"That fish was 32-and-a-half inches [83 centimeters] long, where Henry's was almost 41 inches [104 cm] — so his could be substantially older," Tydingco said. Samples of the rockfish have been sent to a lab in Juneau, where the actual age of Liebman's fish will be determined, according to the Sentinel.

Scientists can estimate the age of a fish by examining an ear bone known as the otolith, which contains growth rings similar to the annual age rings found in a tree trunk.


Animal longevity remains a puzzle to biologists. Some researchers have found that smaller individuals within a species tend to live longer than their bigger brethren. This may be due to the abnormal cell growth that accompanies both larger body size and the risk of cancer.


The longest-lived animal ever found was a quahog clam scooped from the waters off Iceland. The tiny mollusk was estimated to be 400 years old.

At 39.08 pounds (17.73 kilograms), Liebman's fish may also set a record for the largest rockfish ever caught.


"I knew it was abnormally big, but I didn't know it was a record until on the way back — we looked in the Alaska guidebook that was on the boat," Liebman told the Sentinel.


He plans to have the fish mounted, so he can continue to tell the fish story that he's already been "getting a lot of mileage" out of, according to the Sentinel.

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Long life

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Wooo fishies!

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Which Social Network is Best for B2B Marketing? - Search Engine Watch

Which Social Network is Best for B2B Marketing? - Search Engine Watch | B2B trading in Alaska | Scoop.it
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube all need to be in the toolbox of any serious B2B online marketer, but investing wholly in one of these social network will greatly help any B2B marketer increase his or her bottom line.

Key excerpt...

And the Top B2B Social Network Is…

Hands down, LinkedIn is the best social network for B2B marketing. LinkedIn is the only real B2B social network that was developed purely to develop direct B2B sales relationships for B2B marketers. The other social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube – all should be in the toolbox of any serious B2B marketer. But if you're on limited time and resources and looking to greatly increase your bottom line, you should invest wholly in LinkedIn.

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CYDigital's curator insight, May 13, 2013 8:36 AM

If you had to choose one, we agree. HOWEVER, you need to take advantage of SlideShare as an integral part of LinkedIn.

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B2B marketing : what is the best social network