All too often, we’re looking for a tradesman, a healthcare surgery or a hair stylist that is within an altogether appropriate distance from our abode. Of course, this isn’t always possible,. And when searching for these particular things on the web, can completely throw us off into the wrong direction, and we might not even realise for a fair while. Whilst searching for a local dentist, only a few weeks ago, I came across an absolutely perfect one. It looked chic yet unpretentious, and I thought that this would be the perfect one for me. Of course, you never know how much you should believe of what you read on the internet. And so I decided to do a little more digging - the about us bit was sufficient enough for me to decide on this particular dentistry establishment to extend my financial gratitude. Then a few things started to look a little out of place, and made me question what was once my steadfast choice. It said ‘shopping cart’ instead of basket, for one. This is what tipped me off. It was, as most things are, American.

This is one of the biggest problems with the internet; yes, you can use a suffix for your search engine, but they will still throw up anomalies. And whilst I was prepared to travel anywhere within the greater london area, a clinic in California was a bit too far out of my travel range. So I was immediately thrust back to square one. This time with a new set of rules to abide my. Of course my search term was changed to ‘local dentist in London’. With the vast size of the web, you can easily forget that any website is accessible anywhere, and so it is searchable from anywhere. This means that when you search for anything, you could probably get anything returned. Obviously the majority of time it is relevant, helpful and aides in what it is you’re looking for. But there are some occasions when you will be provided with results that could not be more wrong and immediately dismissible. When this happens, you just need to take a breath and start again. After all, there has to be some anomalies in those one million plus results, surely?

Next time you want a dentist local to you, or even a hairdressers or maybe even a salon, don’t forget to be specific. Yes, computers are advancing, and soon some day they probably will take over the world, they don’t know what it is you’re exactly thinking. So if you type in brace, it doesn’t know if you mean trousers or teeth. Help it along, and it will help you.


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