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CPL training is obtained in achieving commercial pilot license, which is the main gateway to enter into the life of a professional pilot and enjoy a lucrative career in the aviation industry. Read on to know about such training programs and eligibility criteria.

Set your career goal in the aviation industry by choosing one of its most lucrative options i.e. Pilot training. This particular field has been popular since the invention of the airplane and its popularity worldwide. In fact, students seek to join such courses to build a bright career in aviation.

Now- a-days, there are plenty of airline companies that operate flights to various destinations in the world. For operating so many flights, highly skilled pilots are required and hence the aviation industry is demanding commercial pilots. This constant rise in demand has given birth to multiple aviation schools where students can get a commercial pilot license by choosing different commercial pilot training programs in India for making a great career ahead.

The training programs have been designed to enable a candidate to hone the primary skills so that they can become great pilots in the future. Many students show high interests in this profile as it is a prestigious job which comes with a handsome pay package. One can enjoy many amenities and facilities in this kind of job. The best part is that you can visit many destinations in this world.

Although the journey of undergoing the training is a bit challenging, nothing can surpass hard work and dedication to achieve success. A candidate is eligible for a commercial pilot training or CPL only after successfully completed the course and cleared the examination.

It is only after receiving the license that a candidate gets the permission of flying an aircraft (passenger flights as well as cargo planes). Before attaining CPL training one needs to clear PPL or private pilot training. In order to obtain the commercial pilot license, one has two successful clarify an examination, a medical fitness test and above all should have a record of flying for 250 hours, out of which 60 hours of flying will be considered for private pilot license. Although all these steps might seem easier to read, in real life they are quite rigorous.

For CPL training in India, candidates must meet specific criteria for being eligible to undertake this training. One should have good command over English language and should have subjects like mathematics and physics in class 12. The age of the candidate should be at least 18 years. Fluency in English will be considered as an added advantage since pilots have to travel to various international destinations.

If you are an aspirant of commercial pilot, you need to undergo this training program at a well recognized institute. Not all aviation institutes in India possess the same reputation, you need to choose the one that has a good reputation of providing standard training to the students with good placements. To search for such institutes, it is best to utilize the internet.