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When you decide to go for an AutoCAD alternative for adding to your CAD seats, you want to purchase a product that is not only low cost but also gives you a reason to smile. An AutoCAD alternative shouldn’t just be a poor man’s AutoCAD that lacks the power and innovative features the original product offers, it should have all the productive, powerful tools and intuitive, intelligent features that you expect from your CAD product. Wouldn’t you feel cheated if the software you buy doesn’t allow you to share files from your computer or your network? How frustrating it would become if you have to import and export files every time you have to create or modify drawings in DWG 2013 file format? You need an AutoCAD alternative that can compete with the best softwares out there in the market and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

ARES Commander Edition is a powerful, DWG-compatible CAD software that has excellent 3D-modeling capabilities and a comprehensive programming environment. It uses DWG 2013 as its native file format enabling you to view, modify and create drawings without requiring to import or export files. It includes the famous ACIS 3D solid modeler from the Dassault systems that ensures superb 3D modeling capabilities for you. It offers twin interface- both Ribbon interface and the old menu system for your convenience and a variety of amazing features that makes working a memorable experience for you. As an AutoCAD alternative, it’s the best deal you could ask for.