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Double trouble for dual nationals
If you have ties to both Australia and another country, lawyers warn you need to take great care with your will.
Law firms embrace cafe style to keep staff in office
To impress clients and keep staff happy, some law firms are going hipster.
Salary isn’t everything: more lawyers seek flexibility
Forty per cent of job-seekers will turn down a role that does not meet their flexible working needs, a new study has revealed.
7 steps to better eNewsletters
Most professional services firms know the value of a decent eNewsletter.
Done well, an eNewsletter should show off your expertise, raise awareness
of the range of services and even bring in new qualified leads. But finding
the time and energy to actually get them done can be a problem. So, mak...
Lawyers assuming regulator role
ASIC is increasingly out-sourcing its responsibilities to financial services lawyers, a boutique managing partner has said.
Graduates lose out
Positions scarce for law graduates
ABA ethics opinion sparks renewed debate over non-lawyer ownership of law firms
An opinion issued recently by the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility could ignite a debate over the concept of nonlawyer ownership of law firms only months after the association’s House of Delegates sidestepped the issue while considering recommendations of the Commi...
Law partner numbers take a hit
A difficult year for revenue growth has hit law firms of all sizes, with large national and mid-sized firms sharing mixed results for partner appointments in the past six months.
Small firms warned to plan for succession

Some good advice from Bronwyn here.