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All posts in here as of 2013 are also being archived in an open Evernote folder. Some of you may find that useful. The folder can be used without Evernote, or inside Evernote.

SCUP Links is the inbox through which the society shares its daily and weekly environmental scanning. Most posts here are also simultaneously posted in SCUP's:

Weekly, we assemble 10 of what we think are the most interesting and relevant-to-SCUPers of our scanning results and publish them in SCUP's email newsletter, The SCUP Scan. 

On a quarterly basis, the society's daily scanning informs its editorial team's solicitation and selection of content for SCUP's journal, Planning for Higher Education.

Each issue of Planning has a broad theme and an accompanying cMOOC in SCUP's virtual community space, the Planning for Higher Ed Mojo.

We have completed out first MOOC, the "Campus-Space Mojo" and have moved on to the next quarterly theme in the journal and Mojo, "Change-Disruption."

With each forthcoming Mojo, as participation continues to increase, the Mojo itself is becoming a regular source of additional knowledge content in the form of substantive blog posts and forum discussions, as well as sharing of images, videos, and documents.

What we scan.

  • We scan SCUP's own content production, including digital resources and face to face events.
  • We scan similar content production for many other higher education associations.
  • We scan higher education specific industry periodicals of interest to planners, as well as national news media and publications of higher education interest groups.
  • We also scan the social media networks listed above.

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