Los Angeles, CA 30th July, 2014 - audio-typing.net a leading audio typing expert in the market has unveiled a new 12 hour turn around policy in a move many analysts in the sector say will take the concept of reliability in service delivery to a whole new level. According to a statement released by audio-typing.net customers will now get the chance to receive completed copies of their transcribed documents in not more than 12 hours upon making a request or an order for such documents to be delivered.

Audio-typing.net become the first audio typing professional to launch a 12 hour turn around policy and the move is expected to help the company attract a lot of new customers. In addition to this, audio-typing.net is confident that the policy will help improve customer satisfaction in the near and long term future. The firm notes that the biggest priority for most of its customers is to get services delivered in time and as it seems, the highly rated transcriptionist is looking to meet this requirement with the new policy. It will be very interesting to see the impact of this development.

However, there is no doubt the move is definitely a massive step forward towards increased reliability in audio typing online. Audio-typing.net has taken this moment to welcome customers current and even future to take full advantage of the policy saying that getting quality and affordable services in time has never been this easy. The provider has also acknowledged though that there is still more room for improvement in the future to even offer its services faster.

For the year's audio-typing.net has been offering its services the audio typist has time and again maintained that its philosophy is hinged on delivering quality and affordable audio typing as fast as possible. The primary reason why a lot of people have been seeking the help offered by audio-typing.net is simply because they don't have enough time to do this on their own. In light of this, it is only fair to offer this help within very limited time frames.

The new 12 hour turn around policy is designed to achieve this. Audio-typing.net notes that even though it is looking to explore other options in reducing turnaround time, all its future intervention will largely be based on this policy. As for customers looking for the best audio transcription services working with a firm such as audio-typing.net is indeed a very wise move. For more details please get in touch with the firm through support@audio-typing.net today.

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