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Getting SEO right is, in my opinion, a quite challenging task. SEO isn’t an exact science and many consider it art to get top keyword rankings. The amount of content talking about SEO is overwhelming and for untrained people it it’s often difficult to find the best way through the SEO jungle. This is where SEO infographics serves a purpose other than just looking good. If you use WordPress as your platform combined with a modern SEO friendly WordPress theme it will also be good for your SEO.

Google change their algorithms daily and it is critical to stay up-to-date about what strategies to use. A lot of SEO material is outdated or even wrong. Be careful about what you are implementing and make sure it is always natural, value based and aligned with Google guidelines. This also means that even awesome looking SEO infographics may teach wrong techniques. In worst case this can harm your rankings and website traffic.


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Via Lauren Moss