Darwin and Milton: two views of Creation | Modern Atheism | Scoop.it

Charles Darwin and John Milton were two pioneering thinkers of their time who had contrasting views of creation. John Milton wrote the epic poem Paradise Lost in 1667 in order to ‘justify the ways of God to man’. The poem depicts amongst many things the war in Heaven between God and the Angel Lucifer, the attempts by Satan to set up an army in Hell, his travels to Earth to tempt Adam and Eve and the consequent fall of Man. It also depicts the creation of life on Earth by God. Darwin on the other hand set out his theory of evolution of life through the means of natural selection in ‘The Origin of Species’ published in 1859. The work provided a great deal of evidence and observations that helped to explain the extraordinary variations found in creatures on Earth. He developed his theories further in the 1871 publication of ‘The Descent of Man”, where he argued that humans had evolved from a common ancestor of the ape.