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7 impactful strategies for ecommerce PPC - bump your quality scores, improve your SERP presence, and minimize your ad spend.

Marty PPC Note
PPC is the black sheep of the family, but it shouldn't be. Yes there is a point of diminishing return in PPC but that vanishing point exists in all Internet marketing. If you are rich enough, smart enough and have enough time (and who has all three of those?), then you will find the end of the rainbow and the point of diminishing return in any Internet marketing channel.

PPC is the fastest, most robust feedback loop you can find and these tactics will help you spend less and make more. Don't forget PPC's other responsibility is to FEED YOUR HEAD. No I'm not quoting Jefferson Starship to be funny, well a little, I quote the ship because your organic and social calendar's should be AT LEAST influenced by PPC results if not extracted whole hog.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith