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The Content Marketing Explosion & Importance of Reviews [Infographic & Marty Note]

The Content Marketing Explosion & Importance of Reviews [Infographic & Marty Note] | AtDotCom Social media |
In this infographic by BlueGlass Interactive, you will find a ton of useful data and information about the power of content marketing.

Marty Note
Using this infographic in a presentaiton today. There are three implicaitons hidden inside these numbers including:

* Your Content's 'half-life" is going down.

* More content doesn't work anymore.

* Content must be great to cut through the clutter.

* OR content must we well supported to cut through clutter.

I'm writing up an analysis of whey content marketing is missing an important fulcrum - reviews. "Comments" aren't as engaging as the chance to leave a "review", have those reviews curated and voted upon ("review the reviewer").

Reviews are a game system. Comments can be made into a game system, but making comments convert as well as the immediatley understood reviews AND creating a game system based on comments is harder and a lot to ask.

As an Internet marketer I know it is good to use convention and "reviews" comes with very helpful built in conventions.  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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