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How to Maximize Pins of Your Blog Content

Here are eleven ways you can increase the pins and re-pins of your content on Pinterest (and drive traffic to your site.

1) Gather a community in Pinterest

2) Focus on topics that your audience loves

3) Write a great headline

4) Use or create a great picture or graphic

5) Make your content great!

6) Include a “Pin It” button on your post

7) Configure your picture for proper Pinning

8) Ask for the Pin!

9) Prime the pump by Pinning it yourself

10) Share your post on other social media platforms

11) Communicate about your post in other ways

Pinterest can be valuable for many types of businesses
Most businesses can find Pinterest to be a welcoming place that enhances engagement, leads to great content discovery and drives traffic to their website and blog. Even if you’re not on Pinterest yet, your fans may be Pinning your content. Are you optimizing it to be Pinned?

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