Troubling assisted suicide ruling ends prosecution in Georgia | assisted suicide prosecution |

Georgia lawmakers meant to do the right thing in 1994 when they enacted a law forbidding people to advertise offers to help someone commit suicide.

1)troubling assisted suicide ruling ends in prosecution in Georgia



 A) In 1994, Georgia lawmakers made a law that prohibits the advertisement of offers to help one commit suicide

 B) This law never did actually forbid this practice

 C) This law was recently ruled to be a violation of our freedom of speech

 D) An undercover agent disguised as a man with cancer went to the "Final Exit Network," claiming to have cancer. He was informed of the inhumane way they would help him die.


3) The writer does not agree with the supreme court ruling against is law


4) The writer used an undertone that shows that she does believe that it is right to help someone commit suicide. The writer does agree with lawmakers "[enacting] a carefully crafted law explicitly forbidding assisted suicide." She also hopes that this law be effective as soon as possible.


5) The columnist has strong moral value in her belief that assisted suicide is very wrong no matter the circumstance.


6) I believe that that this article is to appeal to a more conservative reader.


7) The writer offers more than enough evidence to prove her point and after reading his/her article, i can agree with her and her arguements.