Poverty not declining in Bihar, despite high growth - Northern Voices Online | Poverty Level in Bihar -- Assingment 2 | Scoop.it

1. The basic subject of the column is that poverty is not declining in Bihar, despite high growth rates.

2. -Although Bihar had been maintaining good growth rates between 2004 and 2009, it had failed to reduce the rate of poverty.

-Nearly half of Bihar’s population of 104 million lives below the poverty line.

-The government should focus on their energy deficit.

3. The author's opinion on the subject is that Bihar can improve their poverty level with time.

4. The writer does not state his opinion directly but I know opinion because he uses quotes that say the Bihar can improve their poverty level.

6. I learned that the columnist knows a lot about Bihar and their economic issues.

7. This article was written for the type of reader concerned about other country's economies or the type of reader who wants to be informed about Bihar.

8. Yes, because the author includes quotes from people who understand the economy and poverty in Bihar and the author also supplies information about Bihar to convince me to agree with him.