Is your doc too nice for your own good? Research shows happy patients have higher death rates | Satisfied Patients at High Death Risk -- Assignment 4 |

1. The basic subject of the column is that studies who that more satisfied patients are at a higher death risk.

2. -patients who were most satisfied had greater odds -- 12 percent higher -- of being admitted to the hospital and 9 percent higher total health costs.

3. The writer's opinion is that even though studies show that satisfied patients are at a higher risks, he agrees that is unlikely that those patients are more sick that others.

4. The author does state his opinion directly with this quote "'s unlikely that more satisfied patients are somehow more sick … and more likely to die,'' Fenton said.

6. I learned about the columnist from this article is that the columnist is in touch with information about doctor/patient statistics.

7. This article was written for the type of reader who wants to be informed about which doctor is best for their health.

8. The writer does offer enough evidence to convince me to agree with him because the author states direct quotes and proof from studies.