Editorial: Apple produces amazing gadgets, but at what cost? - USA TODAY | Bad Labor for Apple Products -- Assignment 3 | Scoop.it

1. The basic subject of the column is that the factories in China working for big companies like Apple have employs being overworked.

2. -The factories have been depicted as dreary places that underpay and overwork employees, some of them underage.

-An explosion of aluminum dust at a Chinese iPad factory killed four people.

-Apple hired an independent organization called the Fair Labor Association to check the factories because of a consumer backlash.

-Foxconn announced over the weekend that it was raising worker salaries as much as 25% and cutting back on excessive hours.

3.The writer's opinion about the subject is that how Apple treats the factory workers is wrong and needs to be stopped.

4. The author states his opinion directly because when the standard for the workers is raised the author says, "The lesson was clear: Pressure works."

6. I learned that the columnist from this article is against how Apple has the factory workers handled and is in touch with things going on in technology.

7. This article was written for the type of reader who cares about where their products come from and who makes it.

8. The writer does offer enough evidence to convince me to agree with him because the author lists many things going on at the Chinese factory and why it is bad.