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While using classifieds for flashing their availability was something escorts always resorted to after Craiglist was legally forced to stop its adult ads sections escorts operating in different regions have moved to other online arenas to publicize their business and get clients.

Social media hasn’t stayed untouched by this continual trend to post ads and profiles and many escorts have resorted to using professional sites like LinkedIn or social platforms like Twitter and Facebook for reaching out. The curtain of anonymity lends the whole deal a sense of security for these escorts who can safely broker deals and fix appointments. Escorts operating in Dubai frequently use Twitter to book clients.



Porn stars, models, young students, housewives, freelancing escorts and full-time escorts, everyone who’s operating as an escort in Dubai is making sure she or he is highlighted in Twitter. Why? Firstly LinkedIn has banned people from posting their escorting services on its platform but Twitter has not. Also ever since Google blocked the escorts’ sites in Dubai Twitter seems the only non-interfering option. Twitter holds the account holder responsible for the content he displays. And so many escort agencies and professionals operating on it also lets Dubai men seeking to get a compare over different escorts’ Twitter profiles take a quick checkout so they can decide whom to book. There’s no pressure of booking and they can choose out of many escorts available.


How It Works

A lot of Dubai-based escort services prefer Twitter over other social sites like Facebook. Twitter helps them connect to clients in a better way. They can operate discreetly but still able to influence potential clients by posting pictures, physical stats, nature of appointment and tweeting about different models. Twitter also lets them post videos or links directing anyone who visits an escort’s profile directly to her or agency website. Most contact occurs through emails given in their AllaEscorts Twitter profile or link but some also provide their phone numbers.


Escort Sites on Twitter: Why Dubai Men Prefer Them

While marital laws in Dubai are extremely stringent and adultery is a crime Twitter lets Dubai men safely seek an escort companion. It helps that popular sites like have a firm ground in Twitter. Escorts easily tweet in their ads along with contact details and new things keep coming up like links for mobile websites for booking an escort directly from a Smartphone. Not just the local Dubai girls but many international escorts available and agreeable to traveling together are available through it.