Germaine Richier. Retrospective | Kunstmuseum Bern | 29.11.2013–06.04.2014 | MUSÉO, ARTS ET SPECTACLES |

"No major exhibition on the developments of 20th-century sculpture fails to feature Germaine Richier (1902-1959). All in all, she is indeed a highly exceptional artist. Her entire oeuvre is oriented toward humankind and finding appropriate semblances that express humanity. As Germaine Richier once said about her art: “humanity alone counts.” 


Germaine Richier is heiress to the figurative tradition in sculpture, which she studied intensively as a private pupil of Émile-Antoine Bourdelle in Paris. She pursued, however, a very independent and extremely diversified artistic path, making it difficult still today to classify her work as belonging to a specific style or movement. Her art is associated with the tenets of existentialist philosophy just like Alberto Giacometti’s art, who studied together with her at Bourdelle’s studio.[...]"


Germaine Richier

Kunstmuseum Bern, 29.11.2013 – 06.04.2014


Via Caroline Claeys, Thomas-Penette Michel