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Mayor Dave Bing told the Detroit Free Press on Tuesday that he will make a legislative appeal to avoid the cuts. Bing said in November the city will likely run out of cash by April without significant financial reforms.


1. The subject of the column is about Detroit's personal income taxes cut.
2. Under an agreement more than a decade old with the state of Michigan, public act 500 of 1998, Detroit must reduce income taxes each year for both residents and non-residents unless the city meets criteria for financial distress, which it has done every year since 2003.City officials have asked for massive concessions from city employees and are considering privatizing the city lighting and transportation departments to save money.
3. Detroit has a massive taxes cut which is caused mainly by bad revenue and weak taxes base.
4. The writers opinion is not stated directly, through the imformation given and view of others opinions; it is seen that the writer agrees with others opinions towards Detroits taxes being caused by a weak taxes bases.
5. N/A
6. The writer voices his opinion over Detroits deression. The writer also feels strongly for tax objections from the government towards people..
7. The article is written for adult readers.
8. Yes, because with all the opinions from others it is obvious for what needs to be done.
9. Albom,Mitch. “Detroit Must Cut Income Taxes, Worsening Crumbling Tax Base” Detroit Free Press. 26 Jan. 2012:
Assignment B:
The writer explains that Detroit is in a taxes depression of cuts and continually talks about the people of detroit as a city in whole wanting a break but being denied,”The city asked the state in December to waive the rollback, but was denied. Mayor Dave Bing told the Detroit Free Press on Tuesday that he will make a legislative appeal to avoid the cuts.”Tenths of a percentage point may seem minor in a $1.2 billion budget, but the loss of millions in tax revenue would be nearly impossible to make up and may further damage Detroit's efforts to avoid a takeover by a state-appointed emergency manager. As the writer continues to speak about the financial problems from the previous quote from Mayor Dave Bing, Citizens research Ciuncil of Michigan states "It does add to the current fiscal challenges facing the city," bing said in November the city will likely rub out of cash. Gov. Rick Snyder appointed a financial reciew board to into the city's finances ad determine whether the should take further action.In a recent essay on the political website 24/7 Wall St., author and publisher Douglas A. McIntyre argued Detroit's biggest economic problem is its weak tax base, pointing to the city's reliance on tax-exempt government and non-profit health care institutions as major employers. With the writer repeating the strategies of repeating information through quotes of Detroits taxes problems, the reader can agree with the writer that Detroit needs a reform done to its taxes plan.Property tax revenues are similarly small, and the financial and housing industry collapses have hastened their decline.The Citizens Research Council estimates the share of vacant housing units in Detroit rose to nearly 28 percent in 2008, from 22 percent before the recession. The city collected $218 million in property taxes in fiscal 2010, but budgeted for $245 million.Faced with shrinking revenue and mounting deficits, Bing has proposed a reorganization of neighborhoods and infrastructure under a plan called Detroit Works. He is also looking to increase the city's business tax 0.9 percentage points, from 1 percent to 1.9 percent.Meanwhile, Bing and Detroit City Council are engaged in financial brinksmanship with the governor and state Treasurer Andy Dillon, whose financial review team is currently examining the city's books. If the review finds significant financial distress, Snyder will likely appoint an emergency manager to run Detroit. Through the analysis of the article of Detroits taxes reform, the effects are major tax changes for the city with a new leader for running the tax changes.