Article Writing - SEO Marketing
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Article Writing - SEO Marketing
At IamSEOhq we deliver substance to your reader with our extensive researched quality content and you will be sure to receive articles that are also SEO'd. Something more to keep in mind is that we focus our article on both your reader and the ever growing search engines. In order to accomplish those goals we rely on our experience in the industry to tell search engines exactly what they need to know about your article, like the niche related and what the article is about. IamSEOhq does not have to convince you of the super important role articles play in your content marketing strategies. So that is why we offer only the very best content so you may attract the required maximum readership.

Proper SEO Article writing is like Marketing.

When you push it on your customers, they will surely dump you off. By creating a story around the product/service, insuring that you carefully give them reasons to buy. With our article writing service, we can help you provide your end user with information that is relevant and useful to them. Please take a look at what sets us apart from other providers with offering this service. Properly Researched Content: That will be simple, clear and without terminology that only leaves readers lost. We know that your readers want to comprehend the content with ease. All Relevant Content: Break away from the information overload with content which is mostly irrelevant. To be Relevant is our first priority and should be yours as well. Articles are SEO Friendly: As SEO is the core of our business our writers are naturally very skilled in writing SEO friendly articles. Each article will have the proper keyword placement, SEO friendly titles, etc. Keyword Density: This very important step should not be over looked as all our articles have the ideal keyword density of 2-3%... Guidelines for Article Writing: Our professional articles follow a set of article directory guidelines. We insure that all necessary writing standards including that of Ezine’s has been followed. Giving you the assurance of a quality article highly maintained. Senior Editors Proof-Read: To ensure that all articles meets our quality checklist, before they are sent to our client. Let me also mention that we check for authenticity of facts, so that by the time the article reaches the client all that is left is to publish. Content Specific to your Reader: Our writers are sensitive to the American and European style of spelling. These topics for articles would be decided based on the targeted audience and will be chosen to be unique. FREE Resource Box Content: Author Info or Resource box content is provided completely free of charge. With Real Quick Turnaround Time: We realize that delays are frustrating so that is why we ensure that your project is all completed in the stipulated timeframe. Turnaround time would depend on the size of the project. Writing an article would be complete within 3-5 working days. Copyscape Guarantee: Every article is passed with copyscape and plagiarism FREE. We deliver unique and effective content.
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