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Top 100 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List | Stephow

Top 100 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List | Stephow | Article Spinning |


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good list even if social bookmarking is not the main focus for some sites

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14 Practices That Will Ruin Your Twitter Reputation

14 Practices That Will Ruin Your Twitter Reputation | Article Spinning |
Don't ruin your reputation with these bad Twitter practices. (Photo credit: The Daring Librarian) In just a few years Twitter has become the go-to method of connecting with customers and potential clients, but you know that already, right?

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I'm sure I can find more.

Rachael Johnston's curator insight, December 7, 2014 8:45 PM

All of these are very bad practices for Twitter:

1. Fake a Twitter hack. I didn't know that this was even a thing and I don't really see the point in it, but apparently Chipotle did it as a PR stunt and it had a very negative consequence, obviously. This gives clients the impression that you have bad security, making them wonder if their information is safe with you. I personally would not be happy if one of my employees thought that stunt was funny. In the world of technology today, where security and privacy is so limited and difficult to maintain, it is essential for clients to be able to feel as though they can rely on your company

2. Talking politics. Don't talk about your political opinions on a company page. If you're the CEO, don't talk about them on our personal profile either, UNLESS people specifically follow you for your opinions. If a business posts a political opinion that a lot of their followers disagree on, it can really hurt the business' reputation. I think this is pretty obvious. Politics are always a touchy subject.

3. Deleting comments instead of engaging. Don't delete negative comments, answer and try to fix the problem. If you just delete the comment it gives a bad impression. Not only does it look like your company doesn't really care about its clients and makes the other reviews less reputable. If you delete all the bad comments, clients won't trust the good ones. Engage with the users and create loyal customers.

4. Not engaging at all. Don't ignore comments and posts on Twitter. Engage and respond.

5.Tweet only when you want something. Don't always push for sales on Twitter. Don't always have call-to-actions. Post valuable content to become a trusted advisor and a friend. 

6. Posting inappropriate pictures. This one is obvious to any smart business owner, unless of course you're marketing for PlayBoy maybe. Have a personality in your posts and keep it natural, but make sure you still keep things professional.

7. Tweet negative comments about coworkers. Don't do this. Not only can this create a hostile work environment, but your followers don't want to know about your office drama. It also gives your company a bad look.

8. Fail it disclose a paid endorsement. The point behind this one is that if people find out that the person was paid, it hurts both your company and the endorser. People won't take opinions seriously from endorsers because they won't trust them anymore, and the same goes for the particular endorser. If their fans believe that it was their personal opinion that led them to promote the product and then find out that they were actually paid, it can really hurt the trustworthiness and reputation of the opinion leaders. However, I personally never see it on any ads saying that the person was paid, so I am not sure how you disclose this in a professional and discrete manor. 

9. Tweet before verifying. Things can go viral fast in the world today. Make sure you know your facts and what you're talking about before posting publicly. For example, don't post saying "RIP" to a celebrity who hasn't actually died! 

10. Spam with direct messages. Don't message everybody directly. This is just annoying and will lose your followers.

11. Tweet from the wrong account. This is HUGE! Because social media marketers usually have their business accounts and their own personal accounts, it is curtail to make sure you are posting to the correct profile! Don't post personal comments on the company page.

12. Inconsistently tweet. Don't tweet a bunch in a short time and then forget about it and post nothing. If people decide to follow you it is because they want to hear what you have to say and want updates. If they follow you and hear nothing from you they are more likely to stop following you and your page will lose reputability.

13. Not shorten your URLs. This is important because you don't want to waste your 140 characters on a long URL. It is important to leave room for retweets.

14. Capitalize or sell products from tragedy. When tragedies happen, many people turn to social media to stay informed. It is okay to post updates, but don't try to use this for personal gain. Don't use trending hashtags to gain attention to your business' page. Stay classy.


In a world revolving around social media, it is so important to act professionally in order to uphold your company's reputation