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1. The unfair taxes from government towards the
people and the issue of the people not taking charge of the situation.
2. He states facts about Congress failing to
realize what exactly is happening and how it makes them seem blind with dealing
with the matters at hand.

“In 2012, Congress, the editor implied,
would be busy electioneering. That is, the Senators and Representatives will be
busy raising money from commercial interests so they can keep their jobs. There
won't be much time to change anything about misallocated public budgets, unfair
tax rules, undeclared costly wars, and job-depleting trade policies that, if
fixed, would increase employment and public investment.

So this year, Congress will spend well over $3 billion on its own expenses to
do nothing of significance other than shift more debt to individual taxpayers
by depleting the social security payroll tax by over $100 billion so both
parties can say they enacted a tax cut! That is what the Democrats in Congress
and the President call a significant accomplishment.

3. The writer thinks the government is blind and
unworthy of leadership and is trying to encourage the American people to stand
up and testify to the issue.
4. No the writer does not state the opinion
directly, but in his sarcastic statement,” Will someone call a psychiatrist?
This is a Congress that is beyond dysfunctional. It is an obstacle to progress
in America, a graveyard for both democracy and justice. No wonder a new
Washington Post-ABC news poll found an all-time high of 84 percent of Americans
disapprove of the job Congress is doing,” you can see his own thoughts as well
as 84 percent of Americans towards them.
5. N\A
6. I learned more tactics and ways to resolve the
issue of the government with their wrongful doings with unfair tax laws.
7. This article was written for the people of
America and for anyone who is capable to vote.
8. Although I agree with idea of the wrongful
doings from the government the writer did not have enough evidence to fully
back up his claim. His article was mostly his opinion towards the problem and
what he thought could fix it. From what I read the writer only had as much as two
real facts to give evidence. I could understand his opinion and relate to the
idea given.

9. Nader, Ralph. ""We the people," not
"We the corporation."." Nader.org 17 Feb
2012. <Nader.org>.

2. Some of the rhetorical strategies given in the article include him giving
a list on how to fix the government problems, “First, restore the taxes on the
rich that George W. Bush cut ten years ago which expanded the deficit. So
clueless are the Democrats that they have not learned to use the word
"restore" instead of the Republican word "increase" when
talking about taxes that were previously cut for the millionaires and
billionaires… Fifth, to increase consumer demand, which creates jobs; raise the
federal minimum wage from the present level of $7.25--which is $2.75 less than
it was way back in 1968, adjusted for inflation--to $10 per hour. Businesses
who keep raising prices and executive salaries (e.g. Wal-Mart and McDonalds)
since 1968 should be reminded of their windfall in that period.” He gets his
thoughts through to the reader by repeating his thoughts and opinions towards
explaining what needs to be done and that “people are not putting teeth and
time into the "sovereignty of the people" expressed in the preamble
to our Constitution which begins with "We the people," not "We
the corporation." ‘After he puts his opinion into the people’s mind he leaves
with a stamen in our heads saying “it’s your choice. If you don't
demand a say day after day, you'll continue to pay day after day.”