Tuning In: The L Word's Planet and its musical orbiters | Bitch Media

Quoted by Bitch Media

Representation Without Taxation: Techno musician Bev Stanton is making a name for herself on the ...

No I am not in the Tea Party! Arthur appears in this article!!

Redefining Success - 25 Strategies for Better Living Through Music

I used to be a know-it-all before I knew better!

Space Age Plastic: Bev Stanton's Electronic Charge: Feature Story section: Metro Weekly magazine

One of my fabourite photos from when I used to wear leather.

One Track Mind . Washington City Paper

This is why you do not want to p*ss me off at the day job!!

Harmonic Convergence: Get ready to please your eyes and ears at Queering Sound: Feature Story sec...

Feature on Queering Sound. It is my favourite gig!!

Queery: Bev Stanton

Features snarky commentary!

The Believer - Beat Boutique

Insightful article on production library music. I am not such a sellout after all!