Vicenza – more than a Palladian masterpiece & Exhibition: From Raphael to Bacon, Freud, Picasso... | Art History & Literary Studies |

"It is rare for a town off the classic tourist trail like Vicenza to stage such an illustrious exhibition as Raffaello verso Picasso, but this show is definitely going to put it on the cultural map. It is spectacular walking through the Grand Hall of the Basilica, where curator Marco Goldin has put together a stunning collection of 85 paintings, spanning Old Masters such as Botticelli, Titian and Giorgione, Rembrandt, El Greco and Caravaggio, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Renoir and Cézanne, through to modernist paintings by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Andrew Wyeth. While the exhibition will run until the end of January, the Basilica Palladiana will become a permanent venue for cultural events, and there are several newly opened museums that make it worth spending a long weekend in Vicenza, rather than just stopping off for a day trip to whizz round the 20 palaces, villas and the visionary Teatro Olimpico that mark the official Palladio itinerary."


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