Ecobuilding: Cooper Point House by Mickey Muennig | Art and Spaces |

74-year-old green architect mickey muennig is featured in this month’s wall street journal magazine. muennig was been building green-roof architecture for over 30 years in big sur, california. one of his latest eco-buildings is this one on cooper point, covered in a roof of wild grasses. while he has been a long-time eco-architecture practitioner, muennig remains an unsung hero of the green movement. the cooper point house is built into the landscape and features concrete walls on two side and all-glass walls in between. the green roof above is a continuation of the landscape that feature thick covering which helps make the house more fireproof and provides insulation. the home is ultra-efficient and runs off the grid thanks to a bank of solar panels. inside the home prominently features douglas fir beams that support the home with a large skylight to let in the natural light. the home covers 2,745 sq. feet with its 3 bedrooms. the profile of the home and muennig in this month’s wall street journal magazine is written by alastair gordon with photographs by simon watson.

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