Vardos of the United Kingdom Picture Library | Oh, you pretty things! |

"In Britain we imagine the traditional Gypsy home to be a gaily decorated wooden caravan pulled along by a plodding horse. But in reality, caravans have only been used by Gypsies for 150 years. [...] Gypsies only began living in them about 1850. They called their home a 'vardo' and it became their most prized possession."


I don't think I would make a very good Gypsy, too much of a pack-rat, but I sure do dig their rides! It seems to me so much more worthwhile to put such care and attention into a lovely individual travelling home than a chunk of rolling metal.


On the other hand, there is something very appealing about reducing your possessions to a minimum and appreciating all you have, but I'm still at the loving my pretty, pretty things stage.