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L’Œil de Poisson, a centre for production and exhibition of contemporary and multidsciplinary art 
 Deadline: October 28, 2018 
(Please note that it is the only deadline of the year.) 

 Artist-run centres have emerged in the province of Québec in the years 1980 to offer contemporary artists creation and production spaces, so they could create experimental works outside the museum circuits, without commercial necessities. Almost forty years later, these centres have professionalized, structured, and institutionalized themselves. Even though their production and exhibition contexts strive to remain close to current practices, they have gradually become normalized and formalized. 

 In this new call for proposals, l’Œil de Poisson wishes to renew with its subversive and experimental character, and invites the artistic community to break free from the re-institutionalization of exhibition practices. The centre will transform into a genuine living laboratory, an active platform where all alternative practices are invited to find shelter. The goal is to completely shake up our knowledge to foster the circulation and confrontation of ideas, and invent new ways of making Art. Proposals can take any form, up to the re-invention of new and imaginary paradigms. The idea is to explore strategies that propose new ways of relating to the world and making art. 

 The centre invites all local and abroad artistic entities — artists, artistic collectives, curators, speakers, critics, or any person claiming to be — to submit proposals of bold and reckless nature, that foster dialogues on new ideas or new ways of working. The centre will favor experimental, innovating, and daring practices that take into consideration the social, political, and ecological context of today’s society. 

 • Traceability of the project will be required in the enclosure of our large or small gallery or of both.
 • The project can adopt various forms and scales (event, festival, exhibition, meeting, conference, workshop, others unknown to this day). 
 • The temporality of said project can vary. It can be carried out over a more or less long form and unfold at different moments over the 2019-2020 cycle, depending on its nature. 
 • The project can be reactivated at various times of the year. However, for the cohesion with other centres in Méduse, l’Œil de Poisson will ask the artistic entity to take into consideration the collective opening dates of the coopérative Méduse, to make the most of the high points and maximize the project’s exposure. The calendar will be set up with the centre. 
 • A provisional budget will be required for the centre to evaluate its capacity to support the project. Following the selection, the centre will contact the project initiator to discuss feasibility and financing. The centre reserves the right to discuss the amounts allocated to optimize the repartition of financing linked to its programming. 

 Send your proposal with a resume (In a ZIP file (max 10 mo) – avoid subfolders) to the following address: 
 OBJECT: 2019-2020 Call for proposals 
 Note that printed proposals will not be accepted. 

 See the dimensions of our galleries at : ;

 Concerned about the fight against oppression, the jury will be especially attentive to submissions by and for various groups representative of the whole community.