Dangerous Narratives and How They Affect You (And Our Planet) | Advancing Eco-cities | Scoop.it

We should be concerned that that unsustainable stories have formed a powerful hegemonic discourse that have legitimized a trajectory to an uninhabitable planet.

America is indeed facing tough times and not just from a fragile economy. With 23 states experiencing a "national emergency" this summer due to drought and more than 3,000 daily high temperature records set in the month of June alone, regardless of where you live in the world you are likely experiencing some sort of record-breaking weather.


To be fair to the media, global warming and related sustainability stories are complex and not easy to tell. Environmentalists, politicians, scientists, economists and skeptics seem locked in a permanent battle across the "information commons." Despite progress in some areas, an ugly truth lurks behind the general discourse on the global environment.


We see these dominant narratives on the news, advertising, films, TV shows, billboards, on the streets and we even hear them from our leaders. They are everywhere. For every Prius or Nissan Leaf that is advertised, 10 SUV commercials are aired. For every farmers market, there are 10 junk-in-a-box billboards across town.

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