P1 Traffic Machine is the most powerful WordPress Plugin that was developed by Peter Garety.
P1 Traffic Machine will create your site in a silo structure in any niche in less than 2 minutes starting from scratch and building your site with Silo Pages and Post with the monetization module.
Silo is very useful in creating an authority in the eyes of Google thus giving you a higer ranking in the Search Engine.

This powerful silo plugin will create High Quality, Human Readable and Relevant content on your site in less than 2 minutes and giving
you the option to publish or save as draft all the contents that will be generated by this powerful SEO Plugin.
Giving you the opporutinity to edit and finalized your post and pages before making it live in the World Wide Web.

P1 Traffic Machine will do all the on-page SEO stuffs in your posts, pages and categories including internal -- external links.
It will also monetize your site automatically that will which will make you tons of profits in return.

How does P1 Traffic Machine Works:
First, you will need to put your main keyword and click the button.
P1 Traffic Machine Software will generate contents for you Pages and Post which are related to the main keywords (LSI) and it will auto generate Categories of your site.

In a matter of 2 minutes or less, you will have ready made site full of contents that are highly related to the main keyword or niche. And yes, you will have the option to edit the contents, delete it or write it manually. You will have all the options as how you write a normal post.
Please see the P1 Traffic Machine Demo video above to see how it is done.

P1 Traffic Machine Main Features :

1. 1-click market research and SILO 2.0 website structure creation for any web site in every niche.

2.High quality,relevant content building- unlike anything you have seen before.

3. Automated On-Page SEO, including internal-external links with a perfect anchor-text variants -

4.Semi-Automatic Monetization system that encourages readers to click links.

5.Totally Automatic and Strategic content curation system helping to make any website run on total autopilot.

P1 Traffic Machine video url :

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