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Global laser vision, recognized in 2000 and centrally situated at the heart of San Diego specializes in providing the latest technology in laser eye surgery to San Diego County and surrounding area local residents. San Diego Lasik Center's principal refractive surgeon, Dr Yaghouti, has been practicing in The San Diego area and doing laser and refractive eye surgeries since 1997. He is an ophthalmology board certified surgeon and a laser eye surgery and cornea specialist ophthalmologist from Harvard Medical School, putting him at the highest 1% of all laser eye surgery specialists in the nation with such qualifications. Hence, he is well qualified to educate any of his patients in relation to the suitable refractive surgical choices and also the anticipated advantages from any given surgery.

In order to decide if you are a great candidate for any refractive procedures, the first thing is to make an appointment with the physicians at GLV. During your complimentary appointment, your physician will perform a comprehensive eye evaluation and discuss your alternatives and provide you with the answers to any questions you may have in order to assist you in making a thought out decision.

The team at Global Laser Vision San Diego Lasik Center welcomes you to consider taking your preliminary step in improving the quality of your sight by lessening or ending your dependency on glasses and contact lenses. To know now exactly how laser vision correction could benefit, contact us at (800-GET-LASIK) or 800-438-5274 and schedule a complimentary appointment.

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