Are Tarots Just 79 pieces of Illustrated Colourful Paper?
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Are Tarots Just 79 pieces of Illustrated Colourful Paper?
Are Tarot Cards Simply 78 illustrated Pieces of Paper ? This is exactly what non believers in Tarot would like us to believe. And its also the exact reason which drove me to explore this mystifying world of occult. So if we go by that theory then why do people Shy away from it ? The answer is simple. Ultimately, the fear is of ourselves, the fear of self-knowledge, “The cards are meant to reveal.” With origins in the Middle Ages, tarot decks have evolved over the centuries, infused at every turn with new meanings, new mythologies and different forms of imagery for reading. “A lot of the basic imagery of the tarot comes from the 15th century, Christendom. “The most widely used deck now is the Rider-Waite version, commissioned by Arthur Waite, one of the major figures of occultism in the 1800s. A Freemason and contemporary of Aleister Crowley, Waite spent years refining his 1909 deck, which became the standard one.” Waite was one of the first to illustrate all 22 cards of the Major Arcana–composed of concepts like The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune and Justice–and the Minor Arcana, 56 cards in suits of Wands, Pentacle, Cups and Swords. He established a new egoistic way to read symbols. “Every image on the card has a meaning; every colour, every number, every symbol. Just one card can contain so much information, allowing the seeker of the tarot to dig deeper,” Even though the tarot imagery and symbolism has its origins in Christianity, the practice has moved away from it. Read the complete article on
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