San Carlos de Bariloche : when Priebke was still hiding in Argentina's haven for Nazis | Archives  de la Shoah |

Nestled in Argentina's snow-capped Andes, overlooking a vast pristine lake, this picturesque ski town has long been a favorite of Latin American jet-setters. No wonder it was chosen as the site for the recent annual meeting of presidents from Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries.

But despite Bariloche's many gingerbread houses, chocolate and fondue shops, pine forests and jagged peaks, which have led many visitors to compare it to Bavaria, the town's reputation has been undermined by an 82-year-old former Nazi who has become its most infamous resident.

Erich Priebke, a former SS captain who has lived in Bariloche for 50 years and has admitted taking part in the killings of 335 Italian civilians at the Ardeatine Caves outside Rome in 1944, is under house arrest here as the Argentine Supreme Court decides whether he will be extradited to Italy.

For decades Argentines have quietly referred to Bariloche as a haven for Nazis who fled Germany after World War II. But it was not until two years ago, when Mr. Priebke was uncovered by a team from ABC News television, that the world began to associate this town with Nazis.