Galen and UNC Wilmington Partner for Public Archaeology Education | Archaeology News |

Cayo's Galen University is partnering with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for a Public Archaeology Education Program.


"The partnership is a public education program geared towards young minds to enlighten and introduce them to the field of Archaeology and Anthropology and encourage them to consider those studies for their future as well as to educate them about the importance of studying our history and preserving archaeological sites for future generations.  Dr. Scott Simmons of UNCW along with archaeology students Victor Cucul and Ismael Teul of Galen University served as “Ambassadors of the Past”, visiting the various schools on Ambergris Caye and talking about the history and culture of past civilizations, specifically the Maya, who were the original inhabitants of this entire region and whose impact and civilizations are still evident today."

Via Best of Cayo, Sally McHugh