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The ancient city of Rhizon (modern Risan in Montenegro), was a strongly fortified Illyrian town which functioned as a successful trading centre, occupying a sheltered position in the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic.


Lying in the innermost portion of the bay, Rhizan was protected from the interior by inaccessible limestone cliffs of the Orjen mountain, the highest range of eastern Adriatic, and through several narrow straits in the Bay of Kotor from the open sea.Image: Wikimedia commons


A stronghold of an Illyrian Queen


Ancient Rhizon was also a political centre for the Illyrians and it was here that Teuta, Queen of the Ardiaei tribe, established her capital.

After negotiations broke down between Teuta and the Romans (who requested her to put and end to piracy in the Adriatic), the First Illyrian War broke out in 229 BC. However, the Illyrians could not withstand the might of Rome and the war was a short lived affair.