Aquaculture Research & Development
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Aquaculture Research & Development
ABT Innovia is an independent aquatic biotechnology and aquaculture research and training entity with its own dedicated Research & Development (R&D) facilities based in Malta. With a large number of biosecure testing facilities using the latest RAS technology, we are able to undertake work on a number species, ranging from coldwater Salmon, Trout and Charr, through to Tropical species such as Tilapia, Shrimp and Asian Sea bass.

The facility is able to provide tailored R&D services to clients from across the aquaculture sector, with needs ranging from the formulation, test-batch production and in-vivo testing of aquatic animal feeds, additives and enrichments, through to vaccine efficacy and safety testing. The facility also undertakes a large number of larval trials for various species, testing livefeed enrichments, larval diets and production techniques using new technologies so as to benchmark hatchery and grow out systems.

ABT Innovia, as an independent testing facility, ensures experimental results of the highest integrity and quality, whilst all enquiries received, project discussions with and results generated by ABT Innovia are be treated in the strictest confidence with no intellectual property (IP) retained by the facility.

Research and development

At ABT Innovia we welcome enquiries relating to R&D from a wide variety of interested parties including those involved with developing, among others:

• Aquatic animal feeds, both formulated and live
• Feed additives
• New species to aquaculture
• Live feed enrichment products
• Pro- or pre-biotic feed or water additives
• Aquatic animal vaccines
• Parasite treatments
• Hatchery technologies
• System technologies

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Marine Biology Courses in Malta

Marine Biology Courses in Malta | Aquaculture Research & Development |

A Hands on Introduction to Marine Biology

AquaBioTech Group's insight:

Aquabiotech will be dispelling myths about marine biology by offering innovative and intensive courses in marine biology this summer, spread over three afternoons.  The course will be run on
different dates this summer, between June and August.  The courses are ideal for foreign students visiting the islands to learn English, as well as tourists and Maltese.  The first two course dates will be dedicated to lectures (eight hours in total) covering subjects such as the features of the Mediterranean, major coastal and marine habitats and species within the basin, as well as human impact on the marine environment and conservation strategies (including Marine Protected Areas).  The third afternoon will be dedicated to field experience, with participants opting for either SCUBA diving or snorkelling sessions.  Non-divers can opt for a PADI-certified SCUBA introductory course, with full-face underwater communication technology being used to help exchanges between the lecturer and participants.  No previous academic or SCUBA diving background and knowledge are expected, and the courses are open to all ages.  Lectures will be delivered by marine biologist Dr Alan Deidun, while diving sessions will be led by Watercolours Diving School (Sliema).  For information, email:, or by visiting the website: or 

telephone: 2258 4100.

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Press Release: Clinical research for PHARMAQ AS

Press Release: Clinical research for PHARMAQ AS | Aquaculture Research & Development |

The AquaBioTech Group announced today that it has signed a three (3) contract with a three(3) year option for extention for clinical research with PHARMAQ AS from Norway.

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