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Asian Aquaculture ‘The Practical’ Magazine

Connecting Aquaculture Professionals

Asian Aquaculture ‘The Practical’ is a quarterly magazine published by Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN). E-magazine is available free online at your convenience to view, download and print. Becoming a member of AAN, 4 annual printed copy of ‘The Practical’ will be delivered to your home.

Asian Aquaculture ‘The Practical’ magazine is one of our roads to reach our goal. As stated in the mission of AAN that we are aiming to help aquaculturists and farmers operate a profitable and environmentally sound business in order to sustainably feed the world affordable aquaculturists, farmers, and interested parties.

Every issue of ‘The Practical’ includes different topics focusing on practical aquaculture knowledge written by aquaculture experts from many countries in Asia. Moreover, updated aquaculture news including Events Calendar is provided in ‘The Practical’. Furthermore, we will keep you updated on the information of new technology and innovations, so you will not miss out the new trends.