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Google Drive - a Complete User Guide.

Published on Aug 8, 2013

What is Google Drive? A complete guide how to use it.
Cloud (storage), Creation, Collaboration, Communication
How to access Google Drive, including from Google+
Cloud storage:
Left hand bar options
Uploading files or folders from your computer
Looking under the drop downs: Drive content and More
Shared with you: you can add these docs to your Drive too
Choosing how to 'sort' the content
Changing from grid to list view
Changing display in settings
Searching within Drive e.g. searching for PDFs and keywords
How to add a new folder and add files into it
How to enter a folder and remove files by dragging them out
'Checking' a folder/file to show more options e.g. move a folder
Choosing multiple files, or selecting 'all' from a folder
How to remove a folder/file - i.e. put into trash
Adding colours to a folder
Adding stars
Introduction - sharing a file
How to open a file; or choosing 'open with'
How to preview a file
Selecting several images to preview in a lightbox
Moving a selection of files
Choosing to create documents, files, presentations etc
Naming the document
Files save automatically
How to download as e.g. a PDF - taking it out of Drive
Taking comments and changes
Changing the language
How to give access to people
Seeing who has access already
Adding in email address
Choosing nature of access e.g. ability to edit a document
Emailing the person with whom you are collaborating
Changing from 'private' to e.g. only people with the link or making it public.
Giving access to a team/circle of people
Sharing the link to that group
Deciding whether to send them an email
Individuals icons will appear in upper right

Using a Google Hangout with the Google Drive app
'Share icon' - appearing in several places
Same box as previously, but now can share it to several social networks
You can just choose 'view'
How to send out via Twitter
How the presentation becomes embedded within the message
The form/presentation etc. can be viewed from the Google+ post
Then 'share'
Sharing images from Drive to Google+
Changing the editing rights
Sending the image into a community
How to 'publish to the web'
How to embed that file's code into a website, including the size of the presentation
How to 'stop publishing'
The four elements: Cloud, Creation, Collaboration, Communication 

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Patricia Daniels's curator insight, August 30, 2013 3:37 AM

A useful video tutorial here, just over 16 minutes long. It runs through the basics of using Google drive and how you can use it to collaborate with others. It also touches on Google Hangout.


I use Google Drive with my students as a writing space because I teach English via Skype. It suits our needs perfectly. Students create several folders e.g. some are homework spaces; collaborative areas such as wikis; creative writing pages and as a virtual space that we can jump into during the lesson to work on activities. It works for us. As a teacher I can dip into shared spaces at any time and guide and support learning which is a real advantage.

flea palmer's curator insight, August 30, 2013 6:56 AM

This is a really thorough tutorial and very timely as I'm currently exploring using Google Drive with students. Our dispersed team of Learning Technologists already use it for collaboration but there is not much use as yet by our academics and students. The ability to be able to integrate Drive with Google Hangouts is really powerful and has the potential to be a great tool for supporting Distance Learning.

John Thomas's curator insight, February 11, 2014 4:02 AM
Google Drive - a Complete User Guide.
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Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals

Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals | CoAprendizagens XXI |

Teaching grammar with movie segments is inspiring and highly motivating.


Here you are a series of movie segments and activities to assess or practice grammar points through fun, challenging exercises.


Here you will find the movie segments, the lesson plans, printable worksheets with answer key for each activity, and the tips to develop your own grammar activities with the DVDs you have at home.


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[VIDEO] Future Learning

Students are the future, but what's the future for students? To arm them with the relevant, timeless skills for our rapidly changing world, we need to revolutionize what it means to learn. Education innovators like Dr. Sugata Mitra, visiting professor at MIT; Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy; and Dr. Catherine Lucey, Vice Dean of Education at UCSF, are redefining how we engage young minds for a creatively and technologically-advanced future. Which of these eduvators holds the key for unlocking the learning potential inside every student?

Via Sakis Koukouvis, Dr. Richard NeSmith, João Greno Brogueira, Anabela Luís
Dave Phillipson's comment, May 31, 2012 3:56 PM
This is a somewhat fair offering, the True future of education is
Anabela Luís's comment, June 2, 2012 5:19 AM
Wonderful and powerful video. thanks
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Ecología de las interfaces: Carlos A. Scolari at TEDxMoncloa

Carlos A. Scolari Professor at University Pompeu Fabra. Expert in ecology of media, interfaces and interactive digital communicat...

Via Cristóbal Suárez, ThePinkSalmon, Pierre Levy
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This video illustrates the creation of memory threads. A simulated P2P network is generated where each peer contains digital memories.

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WeVideo - Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud

WeVideo - Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud | CoAprendizagens XXI |
WeVideo lets you tell your story with video. Our online video editing platform is affordable, simple to use, and uniquely collaborative. Learn more today.

Via Lina Morgado, Ana Rodera, Adriana Marichal
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