QUODL - Quality of Online & Distance Education: The History of Quality in Online and Distance learning in less than 100 words? | Aprendiendo a Distancia | Scoop.it

Once upon a time education was based in institutions, which were seen as seats of learning.  Every day people would accept the quality of the courses they took, presented by people they trusted to get them through exams.  One day the internet gave people the opportunity to comment publicly on the quality of the products they bought.  Because of that clever companies like Amazon took advantage of these comments to encourage buyers’ confidence and improve sales.  Because of that people started looking for reviews of products in all sorts of selling areas before they made a purchase. Until finallyeducation realised that students are the best judges of course quality and began to prove the quality of their courses by showing student reviews alongside adverts for courses.

 To be fair this is a few more words than 100 (127 if you wish to count) and the ‘Until finally’ bit might look like wishful thinking but it is happening now on the Unistats website (https://unistats.direct.gov.uk/) which is being linked by universities to their prospectus information against particular courses.

Via Harvey Mellar