Educators as Curators: 8 Steps to Bringing Your Students the Best of the Web | Aprendiendo a Distancia |

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Jennifer Funk

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Last spring, Dr. Corinne Weisgerber turned her undergrads into Guggenheim-like curators. After building personal learning networks that delivered subject-specific tweets and blog posts, her students chose the most salient content and arranged it online the way a museum curator might an art exhibit. Their goal was to design a learning experience that cut through the noise to bring the Internet’s best content to others.


The project arose from Weisgerber’s own experience curating content for students, which she and her St. Edward’s University colleague Dr. Shannan Butler shared at the second annual SXSWedu conference in March.


Today, they answer questions about why they think the museum curator is the perfect model for today’s educators (and students), and how you can become one too.


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