Are Drugs Better Than Carotid Stents? | Aprendiendo a Distancia |

My comment: This is an important question for our patients and unfortunately we will porbably never get an answer because the study would be expensive and there is no likely source for funding an outcomes study that would be needed.  With all blocked arteries (heart, head or legs) the options for treatment are medications to control or slow the progression of the blockage OR stents OR surgery.  The benefits and safety hazards are improving for all three so making comparisons using older data is not useful,.  For now we know stents are about equivalent to surgery in blocked carotid arteries.  Is medicine equal or even better? 


A debate is taking place among physicians over whether drug therapies to prevent stroke have surpassed stents or carotid artery surgery as the best treatment for many patients with artery blockage in the neck.

Via Seth Bilazarian, MD