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Rescooped by Stuart Billington from Daily News and Updates of Auto Balla!

Source Claims Next Nissan GT-R Nismo Would Hit 60 Mph in 2 Seconds - Auto Balla

Source Claims Next Nissan GT-R Nismo Would Hit 60 Mph in 2 Seconds - Auto Balla | Apps |

A person claiming to be a Nissan insider who attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed let slip an interesting little tidbit about the next version of Nissan's supercar called the GT-R. According to this unnamed source, the next Nismo version of the GT-R will be able to sprint to 60 mph in 2 seconds.
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Via Sheila Weeks
Stuart Billington's insight:

0-60mph in 2 seconds!....This is just amazing!


I thought mine was ridiculous at 3 seconds!

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Scooped by Stuart Billington!


Apps that pay you
Stuart Billington's insight:

Here's a brief overview...


It's a mobile App company called MyFunLIFE through which 

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