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The Exciting Space Dump Truck Racing game is now on iTunes


Hay a new game just hit the app store and you should check it out! This game is supper cool and finely designed it’s a pure gem in a true sense. The game is called Space Dump Truck Race Free Awesome Truck Race Game. It’s fun to play with exciting features the gives you the adrenalin rush. The user can find a great mix of racing adventure with fun and exciting features. The game has a very fine realistic looking background that puts you in a intergalactic space like atmosphere. The main theme of the game revolves around making the rush to save the world after a catastrophic event on the planet earth. The game includes several racing modes in which the player have to race through various stages in order to protect the Mother Nature from a plan of dangerous schemes being played by the evil minds.
The game shows the story in which the world as we know it is destroyed by a nuke bomb being placed on the different parts of the earth. The survivors of the earth go on to live on other planets to stay alive. The major problems arise when there is not much supply of food and other essentials for the survivors. The supplies have to be shifted swiftly through space like harsh environments and delivered on time so people can survive. The players have to rush to the survivors in their great trucks carrying the supplies in order to let them have the greatest time. The survival of the humans depends upon the speed of the player and the supplies being delivered. Therefore, the players have to race toward the destination in order to supply food on time for the survivors. You will have to make the delivery by racing your way through space while keeping your truck and goods together. Any harm to the condition of the truck will undergo damage to the supplies and the life of the player as well.
Space Dump Truck Racing Game now on iTunes

Game Features:

>There are multiple options to choose while playing the game.Choose from the six GPS with different tracks and driving skills required.
>The GPS track comes of handy while looking for the place where the players are headed.
>Pick one of the cool awesome trucks and push the pedal to the metal
>Choose from heavy delivery options to the great loading options.
>Enjoy great realistic sounds and music giving the game a real impact for the game play. >Download for freely from the app store, on your iPad,iPhone or iPod.
>The game is with iOS 7.0 compatible
>The user-friendly features make it a loveable game for the players to play. The space and truck-racing combo make it even more special.

Get this amazing Space Dump Truck Racing game here

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Scooped by APPSESSION!

Space Dump Truck Race Free Awesome Truck Race Game

Space Dump Truck Race Free Awesome Truck Race Game | apps |

racGet Space Dump Truck Race Free Awesome Truck Race Game on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

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