Over 20 Good Apps to Use in BYOD Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning | Apprendre une langue seconde | Scoop.it
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not only about students bringing their own devices to class and using them for educational purposes. It is much more than just a problem of hardware but is rather a question of what "learningware" students need to install and use with their devices. Most of the discussions on BYOD center around the accessibility and availability of devices together with the fact that students are experts of their own devices. Sounds good but not enough!

Students need to be provided powerful educational apps to galvanize the learning gen inside of them. They need to be shown what apps work with which. Below is a Symbalo board featuring a wide variety of powerful web tools and apps perfect for BYOD classrooms. Click on the image below to access the interactive version of this board where you can access the links of each of these apps.

Via John Evans