Applying for scholarship
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Applying for scholarship
Applying for scholarship
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40 Tips to Boost Your Writing Skills to Master Level

40 Tips to Boost Your Writing Skills to Master Level | Applying for scholarship |

Everyone IS a writer. Only a few people actually realize that they do writing for living. In every workday, we spend hours in front of the computer writing emails, sending requests, summarizing projects, analyzing performances, proposing ideas, asking questions, so on and so forth. Whether you like writing or not, you have to admit the fact that others DO evaluate your performance based on your writing skills. Being a master of writing not only helps you do tasks faster, it indeeds catapults your career! If you hate writing, it is time for you to learn from the ground up. If you are good at it, there are still a lot of ways to improve your writing efficiency. Here are 40 tips that could boost your writing skills:


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  When it comes to scholarship applications, the applicants should be able to proceed college level writing in their essays. Having good grammar and well formulated essay structures always increase the chance of being selected to accept the scholarships. Most of the scholarships i will be  applying include listing of extracurricular activities. When we are to list events in an essay, the risk of having inconcise sentences and incorrect syntax become higher. It is important to 

have teachers and peers to edit the essay. Being a non-native English speaker, i always need to revise my essays around three times, then pass it down to someone else to revise it again. Some of the helpful information presented in the website,, can be use as a source for improving college level writing skill.  


  Reading though articles on writing tips is part of my assignment when applying for scholarships. The article, “40 Tips to Boost Your Writing Skills to a Master Level” is a great source to look at when I am writing official essay. Some topics that are discussed in the article include, how to generate ideas, how to effectively brainstorm ideas, how to research to complement ideas and so on. What I found most helpful is the links for articles about proper essay structures. I am not good at academic writing and my weakness is mostly on sentence structure. However, this website introduced the fundamental method of academic knowledge sharing as well as the tips on planning out a good essay structure and how to use transitions to build up strong arguments. This is a recommendable source for me to write effective scholarship essays.

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This has many extremely useful and helpful tips on how to improve your writing and create a stronger essay for your college and scholarship applications.

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Scholarship Essay Tips

Scholarship Essay Tips | Applying for scholarship |
Discuss scholarships, financial aid, college, and anything else that is on your mind. Win scholarship money find out how from Monica L.


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  This article contains influential information about how to write a scholarship essay without making elementary level grammar mistakes. The common grammar mistakes that people make are mostly from slangs. For example, it is very common that people type “your” in their scholarship essay when they are trying to say “you are” or “you’re”. Also, the proper use of apostrophe is often hard to comprehend. This article is able to provide a well presented tutorial on apostrophe for the readers. A very beneficial characteristic of this article is that all the grammar revision tips are clearly presented with vivid pictures. I have always had trouble with using proper grammar while writing essays. This article is very helpful for me since I am a non-native English speaker.
The website, also contains much other useful scholarship information. The general tips of applying for scholarships are provided. For example, how to get the need-based scholarships from universities. This website also provides other helpful websites for scholarship application and tips on how to write a unique scholarship essay for local scholarships. The tutorials and the information i am able to get from this website help me to be a more successful scholarship applicant. I will be using this website as a source when I revise my scholarship essays.

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This is a friendly reminder about common grammar mistakes people make when writing scholarship essays. I do not want simple grammar mistakes to ruin my chances of winning scholarships. The difference between "effect" and "affect" was not obvious to me before reading the article, and now I will not make that mistake.

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Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay | Applying for scholarship |

The faculty essay is a very vital a part of the applying course of action in modern planet. The faculty essay is usually extra vital than your SAT or ACT scores. A perfectly written, planned and thoughtful essay can catapult your software into the head of the line. So do not take care of the preparation of your respective higher education essay frivolously, make time for you to thoroughly arrange, write and rewrite your essay. The rewards will be amazing.


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  The website,, provides various tips and knowledge on how to write a good scholarship essay. For example, we need to highlight the requirements for different scholarship topics in order to provide a strong content when we are writing the actually essay later on. Reading others’ scholarship essay can also be a great way to improve my writing. On the right hand column of this website is a list of scholarship essay examples. I will be picking essays that have similar topics to my own essay. Then, I will compare them in order to improve my essay’s tone and contents. This website is every reliable and highly recommendable for people who are struggling with writing essays.

  Not only does the website contain scholarship essay samples, it also contains college level English essay examples. Reading through these articles is extremely beneficial. I am able to learn from the flow of these essays to improve my syntax problem. My word choice became wider as I read through these essays, knowing how various words can be used in different ways. In addition, this website has links I can click on to view other articles about college essay writing tips. Approaching the date of entering college, we should all be prepared to receive intense school works in further education. I found this website helpful in the preparation for college level essays.

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