applying for college
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Edutopia Research Projects - Edutopia

Edutopia Research Projects - Edutopia | applying for college |

"One of the Foundation’s current initiatives is a research program, called Knowledge in Action, designed and managed by a collaborative group of learning scientists, curriculum experts, teacher leaders, and Foundation staff. The research team is applying a rigorous PBL approach to college-preparatory courses, so that students can participate in authentic tasks that provide an experiential platform for learning that prepares them for college and careers."

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seth's insight:

This sounds too good to be true. I struggle to motivate myself when I come to school everyday and do seemingly meaningless tasks in which I fail to see the benefit in preparing me for college. I hope that these courses are developed and implemented as soon as possible so that other kids like me will not have a lack of motivation in the future. Even if Motivation is not the issue, the actual preparation for college is.

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BigFuture - Free website for students to learn about preparing for, finding & applying to colleges

BigFuture - Free website for students to learn about preparing for, finding & applying to colleges | applying for college |

Big Future is a dynamic free website that allows students to learn all about preparing for, finding, and applying to colleges. Whether a student is interested in financial aid, what colleges are a good fit for them, or exploring career opportunities that they are interested in, this is an excellent site. Through dynamic videos, interactive modules, and an appealing interface, this site is the place to visit for kids interested in preparing and applying to college. There are a wealth of resources on the site that are also great for parents and counselors.

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seth's insight:

This website is a real lifesaver! When it comes to finding colleges, exploring careers, and looking into financial aid, look no further.  makes it easy. I was able to plan my future effortlessly and i couldn't be happier.

Dominique I's curator insight, December 2, 2014 3:26 PM

when it comes down to getting ready to apply for college its all about getting prepared and being ready making sure that you have finacial aid, or at least applying for it, also making sure you have you recomendation and your personal statement ready all the things you need so when you are applying to colleges you have them already to the side ready and also make sure you have taken or planning on taking the SAT and ACT because most colleges require that which is most important.