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Creating intuitive navigation for your iPhone app can be a nightmare. The folks behind iPhone app gallery MobileMozaic select 10 examples of apps that get it right.


If you're an application designer or developer, we're sure you've come across the tough task of organising and creating a navigation menu for your app.


The competition is fierce, so coming up with a visually attractive and effective way to make your app stand out is a challenge. Even the slightest design or usability detail can be a make or break point.


When working on a navigation system for your app you need to be cautious of creating something that follows certain design rules such as clarity, simplicity, consistency and context within the app - all along taking into account the space limitations of a smartphone screen.


Here we take a close look at a selection of beautiful custom tab navigations, where the designers have managed to create a unique character and feel without compromising on usability and function.