Steve Jobs and the continuing disruption of media | Apple Rocks! |

"The products created by Apple and its iconic founder Steve Jobs have revolutionized a host of different industries in the past couple of decades, from personal computing to mobile telephony — but they have also had a substantial impact on the way we consume media, whether it’s music or magazines or books. The iPod arguably helped to save the global music industry from certain death, and the iPad has become the default reading device for many, and helped spawn a whole category of me-too devices. The terms that Apple dictated to record companies and publishers were strict, and the company has been justifiably criticized by many (including us) for taking a “walled garden” approach to media on its devices, but there is no question that they have changed the landscape significantly."


More you read about Steve Jobs and Apple, more you understand disruption is the strong basis of their culture. Their products are not only well designed devices with strong software, but agents of disruption. The company has changed many industries : Music, Publishing, TV and Cinema.

Always to benefit the user, according to Apple.

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